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Impounded Vehicles in Innisfail and Sylvan Lake

If your vehicle appears to have been towed, we advise you to contact our main line at 403-227-0306. This number can be used to obtain information on the exact towing location and information on additional steps that may be required prior to the vehicle release being granted.

Contact Information

We are located in Innisfail and Sylvan Lake.

1306 Township Road 392

Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1S8

Phone: 403-887-0306
Fax: 403-227-0077

2-5112 47 Avenue

Innisfail, Alberta T4G 1P8

Phone: 403-227-0306

Fax: 403-227-0077

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 5pm

  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

  • Statutory Holidays: Closed

  • Other Holidays: Please Contact

  • Call Outs: Based on availability, subject to call out fee.

If You Are the Owner of an Impounded Vehicle

If you are the rightful and registered owner of the impounded vehicle, you need the following documents to pick up your vehicle. If you are the owner of a vehicle but have not registered it at an Alberta Registry Agent, you must bring proof of ownership, such as a fully completed and signed bill of sale.

Other requirements are:

Photo ID


3 pieces of government-issued non photo ID

Full payment for the invoice

If You're a Friend or Family to the Registered Owner of the Vehicle

Sometimes the registered owner is not available or works in a different city. We understand such situations but we need some set of documents to release the vehicle to your friend. We want an authorized letter from the owner of the vehicle naming the friend along with photo ID.

Documents required are:

A written authorization letter naming your agent

A copy of your photo ID

Your agent will need:

Photo ID

Full payment for the invoice

If the Impounded Vehicle Is Rental

If your vehicle is a rental vehicle, you will need to have an authorization letter from the company on their letterhead. Your name must be mentioned in the letter as an authorized person to pick up the vehicle.

Documents required are:

Authorization letter from rental company naming you as being authorized to pick up the vehicle

Agent photo ID

Full payment for the invoice

If the Vehicle Is Registered to a Company

When a vehicle is registered to a company, a written authorization on the letterhead for an employee to pick up the vehicle is required. If the company has no letterhead, incorporation papers must be used in which both the company name and the owner's name need to be produced accompanied by a copy of the owner’s photo ID.

Documents required are:

For companies with a formal letterhead:

An authorization letter authorizing an employee to pick up the vehicle

Named employee must have photo ID

Full payment for the invoice

For companies without a formal letterhead:

Incorporation papers showing company name and owner name

Owner’s photo ID

Authorization letter if other than the owner is picking up the vehicle

Employee’s photo ID if other than the owner is picking up the vehicle

Full payment for the invoice

Lost your vehicle or think it might have been towed? Don’t worry, give us a call and our team will provide you with information on impounded vehicles.

Is Your Vehicle Impounded in Innisfail or Sylvan Lake?

Get in touch with us to get your vehicle released.

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