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Off-Road & Accident Recovery in Innisfail and Sylvan Lake

At Hookers Towing & Transport, if you are stuck in off-road areas where the ground is too narrow or slithery, and regular equipment cannot reach those places, we can get there to take you and your vehicle out. We provide off-road recovery and accident recovery services in Innisfail, Sylvan Lake, and surrounding areas. We have the special equipment needed along with other services to get you out of the pesky situation.

Ready to Handle Tough Off-Road Recoveries!

You can count on our off-road recovery professionals to winch your vehicle out of any situation at any time. We provide around-the-clock assistance and can safely recover your off-road vehicles in Innisfail, Sylvan Lake, and surrounding areas. We can retrieve vehicles trapped in a wreck, stuck into a ditch or mud bank, or submerged into the water, and we don’t mind getting in filthy situations! Before embarking on a trip across difficult terrain, keep our number on speed-dial to avoid staying stuck in extreme situations and to retrieve your off-roading vehicle.

24/7 Off-Road Recovery

When driving off-road, rest assured that we have got your back!

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